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About Michelle

My goal is to make Yoga accessible to anyone and spread the whole foods plant-based lifestyle message through education, inspiration, and motivation, helping people live a disease-free, healthy and happy life while positively impacting the planet and all its inhabitants.

Yoga can be whatever you want it to be – fun, sexy, relaxing… and for every human on this planet. So, through my programs, you can create your own practice and have a community behind you (including me!) to help you along the way. I can’t wait to meet you!

Kind words from happy members


bananablondieyogaIt’s Friday, which means nothing if you’re amidst a pandemic, have children, run your own business, or are living on Earth in the year 2020.

📸 @christianflorin

#outdooryoga #yogaorsomethinglikethat

bananablondieyogaI endured a wasp sting on the tush whilst procuring this photo, all for the reward of having strangers give it their attention for a mere fraction of a second, before deeming it worthy or unworthy of a double tap😁

📸 @christianflorin

#yoga #warrior

bananablondieyogaDid you know that we’ve got a one month beginner program on Yup. It’s perfect, even for the absolute yoga newbie! Sign up and start your yoga practice today! I’m always available in our forum to answer any questions you have along the way🥰

📸 @adornedphotography

#malibu #zumaridge #yoga #treepose

bananablondieyogaAm I allowed to just post a beach pic with no additional political commentary? I really miss the old days of meaningless Instagram where we just shared pretty photos, double tapped and maybe asked, “where’d you get those leggings?”


📸 @adornedphotography

#yoga #stretch #beach #sunset

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