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About Michelle

My goal is to make Yoga accessible to anyone and spread the whole foods plant-based lifestyle message through education, inspiration, and motivation, helping people live a disease-free, healthy and happy life while positively impacting the planet and all its inhabitants.

Yoga can be whatever you want it to be – fun, sexy, relaxing… and for every human on this planet. So, through my programs, you can create your own practice and have a community behind you (including me!) to help you along the way. I can’t wait to meet you!

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bananablondieyogaThese are not the kind of reels that Instagram likes, but these are the kind I like to make.

BananaBlondieYoga has got it all. Whether you want to fine tune your splits, or you are just figuring out what in the heck down dog is, I’ve got you covered. Sign up today. Link is in my bio.

#yoga #flexibility #handstand #upsidedown

bananablondieyogaI think there might be something wrong with me.

Also, please sign up for my awesome sauce yoga classes. Link in da bio👌

#happiness #mindfulness #meditation #vegan #plantbased

bananablondieyogaI have got a new class headed your way very soon on BananaBlondieYoga!

#yoga #meditation #movement #mobility #hipstretch #yogainspiration

bananablondieyogaMy favorite kind of practice. No goal, no destination, no peak pose. Just slow movement, riding the breath and savoring all the in between. Always in motion, but somehow feeling so still. My favorite way to meditate✨

Sign up today to get going with all of our juicy, flowy flows✨

#yoga #movement #movingmeditation #meditation #flexible #flow

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