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bananablondieyogaThis one’s for my OG vegans. Doing it for the animals, whether veganism is trending or not. Stay true, friends. There’s nothing like living in alignment with your values❤️ 14+ years vegan. #veganforlife #vegan #plantbased #carnivore

bananablondieyogaI may be getting a little older and laying off posting on Instagram very often, but I can assure you, I am not laying off of the booty classes. Always and forever addicted to the booty burn.

Have you tried our latest toning class, 30 Minutes Of Fire?

Link in the bio! Subscribe and get your first two weeks for free!

#barre #core #pilates #yoga

bananablondieyogaMobility: The ability to move with ease.

Do you focus on mobility in your movement practice?

Check out our mobility classes on BananaBlondieYoga!

#mobility #yoga #movement



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