Hi everyone!

I’m a yoga lover who has been practicing since 2000. I’ve been passionate about sharing the many benefits of yoga through teaching since 2005. I’ve taught in under-served communities, yoga studios, my children’s school and this platform since 2015. I’ve been thriving on a whole foods plant-based lifestyle since 2012 and love sharing the lifestyle with all that are interested!

  • Age 44
  • Personality INFJ
  • Hogwarts House Slytherin
  • Currently Located Malibu, California
  • Powered By Bananas
  • Secretly Wants To Be Geriatric Dog Rescuer
  • Inspired By My Children
  • Favorite Season Summer ☀️
  • Terrified Of Frogs
  • Obsessed With Bikinis, Fluffy Animals, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sweat Pants
  • Upcoming Adventures Beaching, Dog Walks, Netflix