And Then Came Instagram!

In my last blog post I shared how I came to practice a sensual style of yoga.  This is when I truly fell in love with the practice, not just the effects of the practice, but the actual time spent on the mat.  I looked forward to it everyday.  It became my sanctuary.  Over the next several years, life for me changed a lot.  I became a single mom, I owned a yoga studio, and then I didn’t own a yoga studio.  Life, as it tends to often be, was bananas.  My personal practice varied from being strong to almost non existent when I was teaching 14 classes a week.  I felt burnt out as I rarely had time to practice my own yoga.  I would only get in a few stretches before and after the classes I taught.  It wasn’t sustainable.  Eventually I was able to sort things out so that I had a less hectic schedule.  It was then that I stumbled upon the world of Instagram yoga.

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to most forms of social media.  I think my Dad even had a facebook account before I did.  When I finally downloaded the app at the insistence of a friend, I wasn’t sure what the point of it was.  Who would I follow?  I guess my friends.  What would I post?  Dogs and kids.  Haha, it wasn’t too long before I came across some yoga accounts that caught my eye.  Yoga challenges were all the rage and I remember the very first one I participated in.  It had us trying all sorts of funky variations on poses, things I had never thought of before!  It was fun!  I’ve never had many friends that were into yoga, so it was incredible to be able to connect with like minded people.  It was so much fun to discover new and inspiring accounts!  My best friend and I would share new people all the time.  That’s when I was turned on to Tamara Levinson (@cuchira).  I’m sure you’ll know who she is.  She is truly one of a kind.  Dancer, rhythmic gymnast, yogi, Olympic athlete,  movement artist extraordinaire!  She was so creative, so talented, so completely and unapologetically herself.

I participated in her “Yogance” challenge which combined yoga and dance.  This was of course back in the days of sped up 15 second videos on IG and you were able to post any music you wanted without the fear of having your account taken down.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!  Not only did I love participating, but I adored seeing the creations that all the other participants came up with.  This was the very first time I shared my secret movement practice.  Tamara was a loving and supportive female friendly angel.  She really dug what I was doing and could see the joy it brought me.  She was so encouraging and so lovely… gosh, I will never forget it.  It’s really her encouragement and bold attitude that gave me the confidence to just let go of any worries of being judged or looked down upon for “what I had done to yoga” with this more sensual style of movement.  From the moment I decided to share this style of movement, I never gave a single fuck what anyone thought.  It made me happy and I knew it would make other women happy too.  So here we are, on the internet, connecting and sharing good stuff.  Thank you so much to those of you who are members for allowing me to be a small part of your journey.  See you in the next blog post!



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